Introducing The Fig Monthly!

I am SO excited to announce my latest project to you! A couple months ago I was sitting on a flight to LA and was frustrated by the problem that women need support navigating diet and lifestyle changes, but run into three road blocks:

1. It's too expensive to buy a package of appointments all up front.
2. It's too time consuming to commit to multiple, hour long sessions.
3. It's too overwhelming to make huge changes in life all at once.

I've heard from countless women that they want to change, but run into these three issues over and over and it can keep them from really pursuing it. I can completely understand that because I've been there. I desperately needed the guidance and support, but didn't know how I could fit it into my budget, schedule, and (let's be honest) sanity.

So on that flight to LA, I scribbled a plan in the margins of a book to help women overcome this.

It's called The Fig Monthly

The Fig Monthly is an affordable monthly subscription service that gives you access to helpful videos, printables, unlimited email support, and a 30 minute one-on-one nutrition consultation each month. 

The videos and printables are delivered straight to your inbox and you'll have access to all content on the online members-only portal so if you miss something or want to watch it again, it's there. You also get email support so if you run across an article that you're unsure of, or need some meal ideas for your next camping trip, or want to know what I think about a certain supplement - I'm just an email away. If you're looking for some personalized goals, we'll go over your whole health picture and make small, practical steps together so you feel empowered and confident to change your life.

Yup, it's only $40 per month!

Time Consuming? 
Nope! You'll get the content delivered straight to your inbox and our sessions together are only thirty minutes long.

Nah! We'll take small steps, and only when you are ready.

I truly believe this is the answer for so many women and I'm SO STOKED to walk alongside of you!

Are you ready to jump in? I would love to have you!
(The first email goes out November 1st so sign up soon, loves!)

If you have any questions at all, reach out! I'm happy to help and support.