3 Ways To CRUSH New Year's Resolutions

Have you been thinking of the new year yet? I know, I know, it's not even Christmas but 2018 is upon us and it's time to start thinking about how you'll use the fresh start. I feel like resolutions get a bad rap, but if you do it right, they can be SO helpful in creating a great start. How do you do it right? I'm glad you asked. Here are my TOP THREE tips for crushing those New Year's resolutions.


1. Be realistic.

If you never stepped foot into a gym all year, this is not the time to make a resolution of hitting the weights six times a week. There are smaller, more practical steps to take to build up to that, but setting yourself up for failure isn't the answer here. Be realistic about what sort of goals you can achieve and build on them throughout the year. By the end of 2018, maybe you are getting to the gym consistently but start with something like taking a fitness class once per week.

ACTION STEP:  Choose a resolution that is an extension of something you're already working towards, like going to one more fitness class or removing one small thing (like soda!) from your daily diet.

2. Make your goals quantifiable.

When we don't put a number with our resolutions, it's easy to let them slip away because we don't actually know what we're working towards. Do you want to eat healthier? Okay then, what does that look like? Maybe that means passing on the nightly glass of wine three times per week or packing your own lunch every Monday. If your resolution is to lose weight, how much weight? If your resolution is to go to bed earlier, what time? Give yourself quantifiable goals so you can check in on your progress as you go.

ACTION STEP:  Put a number on the resolution you made above so you have a quantifiable, realistic goal to check in with. This number can be how many days per week you'll focus on your goal, how many times you'll pass on a less-than-healthy habit, or how fast you want to achieve your resolution.

3. Have a plan.

There's a saying that goes "a goal without a plan is just a wish". I use this frequently in my own work and it fits in perfectly with personal goals as well! When we have a plan, we have something to fall back on when life gets crazy and our goals take the back burner; we can use our plan to remind ourselves why we started and how we'll get back on track. I personally spend some time at the end of each year to reflect on the prior twelve months, write down the lessons I've learned, and make small, realistic, quantifiable goals for the new few months.

ACTION STEP: Set a date on your calendar for when you'll sit down, pour some coffee, and write out some reflections and plans for the new year. Do this before 2018 begins so you're ready to go when the clock strikes midnight!

If you need a little prompting with reflections and planning, I made you a FREE printable worksheet that gives you space to reflect on 2017 and set your intentions for the new year. Want it? Just click below!

Happy Holidays, friends!
I hope you're having a wonderful season full of joy, memories, and cookies!