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I'm a certified Nutritional Therapy Consultant, marketing specialist, blogger, business owner, obsessive dog mom, and lover of minimalism. My journey to wellness started when I was DONE with being overweight, depressed, and tired of how I felt. 

Now I'm active, happy, energetic, and filled with passion! In the process, I changed my entire life too. I moved to Colorado, quit my dead end job for a new career, and now inspire women get on their feet, ditch the excuses, change their eating habits, and break free from the diet dogma. 

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I had to get really honest with myself. I had to give myself some tough love, ask some hard questions, and either come to terms with my life or do something about it. 

I chose to do something.

I went to the library and checked out every. single book about holistic nutrition and spent days reading and learning. I downloaded podcasts, watched videos, and read blogs. I finally had answers, which was great, but I still didn't know how to make the changes. It took me months of ups and downs, but ever since then I've been feeling better than ever! I stick to (mostly) real, whole, nutrient-dense foods and love my body each and every day!

My passion is now to spread the message of healthy, nourishing foods and a holistic lifestyle in order to create healing in all areas of life. You can find recipes and inspiration here on the blog, or connect on social media! I would love to get to know you!

If you’re here for business + marketing consulting, you can check me out on LinkedIn here.